• Fire & Flood Cleaning

If your property has experienced fire or flood damage and required a comprehensive cleaning service, call Advance Cleaning Services now.

Fire & Flood Cleaning

Our company also offers a fully comprehensive Fire & Flood cleaning service nationwide. If you’ve suffered water damage to your property through a sudden heavy rain fall, a burst pipe, leaking washing machine or smoke damage from a fire, we are able to quickly and safely deal with the situation on your behalf.

Whilst initially you may want to contact your insurers you are under no obligation to utilise their "preferred" contractors to carry out these works. Therefore you are able to utilise a contractor who is local to you and able to offer you a local & reliable service. Advance Cleaning Services ensures a safe environment in which the restoration process can commence.

Pumping Out and Water Extraction. This involves the physical removal of as much water as possible. This significantly reduces restoration time. Prompt action can save materials and reduce costs. Many items are superficially damaged. Buildings and contents (including carpets and soft furnishings) can be cleaned, dried, deodorised and restored to pre-incident condition. 

Removals and Storage. We remove unaffected items into a safe and controlled environment, preventing further damage from occurring. Affected items are removed for controlled disposal or drying, cleaning and storage.
After the event; if this is a known flood area we can offer a solution in order to prevent a repeat. To contain the flood water just call our team for assistance on 087-7668683.